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Shinkansen train going by freight train north of Seikan Tunnel


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YouTube member kona1317 posted an interesting video from an observation deck at the Yunosato Signal Station just north of the entrance to Yunosato Tunnel Number 1 (e.g., the north entrance to the Seikan Tunnel on the Hokkaido side). Note how train 3059 pulled by a JR Freight EH800 locomotive set stops on the northbound siding, lets the JR Hokkaido H5 train set pass by, then starts up again. The sound the freight train stopping and starting sounds almost exactly like an American freight train stopping and starting. At the end of the video, note train 3059 is now being pulled by a DF200 diesel-electric locomotive on the Hakodate Main Line.



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Thanks.   This is interesting.   Besides other reasons, I like to see all the various containers and KoKi variations on one train (still) in use.



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