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How to find the right Tomytec power unit for my bus?


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I need some help from y'all!


I am expanding my lay-out with the Tomytec moving bus system. I got one of the starter sets but for the most of it I will be designing and bustling my own roads and bus stops.  I will be running a number of busses and by means of a sort of block system, prevent that they run into each other.


So I got myself some extra buses, i.e. two Yokohama city buses. Below you see the package. 


Now I am struggling to find out which motor unit belongs to this bus. Tomytec manages to confuse the hell out of me with their descriptions of which buses belong to each motor unit. There is no look-up table that tells you which motor belongs to e.g. a JB041-2.  The Tomytec customer service page (allowing to contact them by E-mail)  is not responding (not very Japanese). 


Who can help me to find which motor unit fits my new buses? 


Many thanks



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Hi Jan:


I just posted in the Bus thread here, you might to check it out ~ Hope it helps!


In a nutshell, those without any BM-01, BM-02 or BM-03 logo on the bus packaging does NOT correspond to any of the available Tomytec moving bus chassis, hence it may not be possible to covert them to moving bus using just the default Tomytec bus chassis available. Look for those with the BM chassis logos, like I would reckon, you wanted Yokohama buses? 


So far, I only found  Bus Collection 19, number 218. Compatible chassis BM-01, but i'll add more if I find more ~ 


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