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19G containers


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Hi All


On a recent trip to Japan, I noticed that many of the 12' containers carried on the various Kokis were the 19G type. In some cases these made up most of the load even out-numberng 19Ds.


Does anyone know if its possible to buy 19Gs? I'm aware Tomix makes them in HO and there was a loaded Koki 107 model (Tomix 2752 now out of stock as far as I can tell) but I can't see them available separately in N scale. They seem to be a must for the modern image modeller.



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I also looked for 19G containers (N scale) and found only the one example you cite. I have no suggestions and no explanations. It hardly seems like it would be a licensing issue, such as with Yamato containers, so what's the issue holding them up? I'd like to get at least 20 19G's but so far no luck.

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Das Steinkopf

Sadly the only way to get your hands on 19G's is from purchasing aTomix 2752 if you can find one, I was lucky enough that the first piece of JRF stock I ever got my hands on was one of these, there is perhaps a chance that the model will re-released in the future as Tomix are doing a rerun of 2753, I was under the impression before that 2752 and 2753 were going to be retired due to the release of the 8717 and 8718 but it looks like this is not the case.


 The 19Gs are fairly prolific with close to 16,000 being produced, that said the 19D's are still the predominant classification with just over 35,000 units in service, on a side note the 19F's which sit between the two types are just under 5,000 in total.

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Das Steinkopf
1 hour ago, katoftw said:

I would love Tomix to do 10 packs of the more common containers.


The 3 packs only work if you wanna double, triple or even quaduple you container numbers.


 Hopefully Kato gets more involved in the container game, at least with the limited number of releases that they have on offer they have 5 in a pack instead of what seems to be be the industry standard of 3 like Tomix, Platz and Hogarukuduo produce, with the Kato packs you can fully load one KoKi unlike the other brands.

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