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Hello from Munich/Germany


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Hi all,


just signed up to this Forum. My name is Martin and I live in the small town of Hallbergmoos just next to Munich Airport in Germany. As I'm married to a Japanese, I'm a frequent visitor to Japan, which always takes me to Tenshodo's 3rd floor Evergreen Department. Many years ago I brought a N-gauge Tomix trainset which received many extensions over the years. For a while now I got more and more into japanese HO. Generally, I'm a Lima collector, I run the Lima Collector's Site and the Lima modeltrain collectors Forum, I have an Italian style layout, but besides Lima I search and collect Italian and some sort of exotic model railways. Moreover, I have a rather big collection of HO truck models from the 1980's, most of them European.


So much for now, cheers and have a nice day,



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Nice to have some more Munich people around. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your layout & collection, if you want to share 😀 Enjoy your time on the forum!

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Ich bin jeden Tag auf dem Weg in die Arbeit in München bei Halbergmoos auf der A92 gefahren...  (1991-1993)





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Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! I already showed my recent and current projects in the layout section of this forum. In the near future I will post a few models (and ask questions about them). Since I'm also an active railway photographer, there will be a few pictures of the real thing coming up, too. My favourite place in Japan so far is the "Hasuda Ricefield" near Omiya, a wonderful place to spend the day and meet other guys with cameras.





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G'day Martin, welcome to the forum. Apart from your Italian HO models, are you still into Japanese HO?


All the best,



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G'day Mark,


unfortunately :sad1:, yes.... Just two weeks ago I returned from my summer holidays in Japan. I bought a Kato Kiha58 3pc. set (used) and a vintage brass Kiha02(?) railbus from a maker TER Tokyo (whoever this might be), along with a couple of cars and busses. I've got an old Steamer of unknown prototype from MSK (Miyazaki?) and some other stuff already. And there ist my almost complete collection of Lima japanese HO and some japanese Playart form the 70's, too. Give me some time, and I will introduce those things here. Ah, forgot the Katsumi EF66, which should be at my local customs office at the moment. Waiting for their invitation to bring invoices and bills for clearance...





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Hallo Martin


Ich hab bis 1984 in Neufahrn gewohnt 🙂 sozusagen in der Nachbarschaft.

Du hast auch Italien und Exoten auf deinem Schirm.

Und schreibst "unfortunately - yes" zu "still into JNR beside FS".

Gut zu hören, daß ea anderen auch so geht.



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