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Bunny Construction Barricade 3D Print

maihama eki

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I had a bit of an infatuation with the cute construction barricades that you see in Japan.  I’ve never seen them available as a detail piece for model railroads, so I decided to create one myself.   Here is the step-by-step.


I saw a bunny shaped one in a sort of museum display on Japanese pop culture and took a photo of it to get a semi-decent straight-on photo.




I had thoughts of making these by cutting flat pieces of card stock or plastic with a laser, but I decided to 3D print them instead.  I sketched out a line drawing of this Bunny and used TinkerCAD to create an extruded version of this.  I put 5 of them together in one piece for 3D printing.




The .stl file is exported from TinkerCAD and into Shapeways.




Shapeways prints these and sends them to me.  An individual piece, cleaned up a bit and cut off the runner looks like this.  I printed them in the Shapeways "Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic".  In n-scale, this is about 8 mm tall, 3 mm wide, and 0.5 mm thick.




A pair of these is painted and assembled with 0.5 mm stainless steel rods to get to the final item.  I might paint future ones in a brighter pink, but overall, they it came out pretty well.



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Very cool! I messed with making some of the human shaped one with a paper punch I found. I’ll dig them out. Unfortunately they worked out more like 4’ tall not 3” as they should have. 3D printing them is perfect!



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They are wicked cool, but isn't even 8mm a tad tall?  That comes out to about 4 feet at 1/150.  The ones I've seen are not 4' tall I don't think? 


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1 hour ago, chadbag said:

They are wicked cool, but isn't even 8mm a tad tall?  That comes out to about 4 feet at 1/150.  The ones I've seen are not 4' tall I don't think? 


Yeah, I don't have an actual measurement.  They might be a little tall.  The tips of the ears are around 1.2 meters off the ground (the 8 mm), and the top bar is about 1 meter off the ground.  When I look for pictures online now, they seem to be about waist high or a maybe a little lower.  Waist high on 5'-10" me is around 1 meter.


At this point it would be easy to scale them down slightly if I get a measurement.  Maybe on my next trip to Japan.


It was a fun project.

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1 hour ago, maihama eki said:

It was a fun project.


More than a fun project.  It was way cool idea.


Would be cool to get a whole fleet of various ones.  I don't remember the rabbit but have seen other animals and usually a construction site (road work) will have a mix -- each section is homogenous but various sections not necessarily.


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