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B-Train micro challenge 2' x 1'


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It came up in an other thread about creating specifically a B-train Shorty layout for the end of the year, I commented I planned to do it so this is my thread for that build, at the moment I'm just getting sorted so there aren't any pictures just yet (I'm hoping next week, maybe the week after). As I am still basically a total novice to the world of layout building I am enlisting some help, but the aim is that I do the bulk of the work and the people helping are really just advising me. 


For the build I'm going with a fairly firm wood base with ceiling tile on top* the Track is going to be Peco code 55 (I think) flexitrack because I could get hold of it fairly cheaply. The ceiling tile will be cut out of to make landscape, the scenery I think I will try and hand-make some of it under guidance (again something I never do is make scenery, I've always just bough pre-built items).


So hopefully next week (maybe week after) pictures will appear here ^_^ 





*For those that don't/didn't know, ceiling tiles in the UK can be made out of pulped paper pressed into a mould to get shape and density, it means that I can carve into it to do landscape features and then seal it so it doesn't get ruined if it gets wet 🙂 

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