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Popondetta - New Releases

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Das Steinkopf
3 hours ago, railsquid said:

There was an incident a couple of weeks back where a train was stopped by a turtle (it got stuck in pointwork) so maybe not so far fetched 😉


I've heard of tortoise point motors but this is a whole new concept.


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Yavaris Forge

I never knew turtles could be such a problem. Could have been constructed better imo, the poor turtle at the end got turned over!

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Looks like the old Kawai mold. Nice models, some details were a bit oversized. Notably the brake wheel.

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Das Steinkopf
18 hours ago, nah00 said:

Hmm, slightly interested just to have a different colored train of cement cars:



Era wise could be an issue for you as the only photos I can find of them in that livery is from 2006 at the latest. 








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1 minute ago, Das Steinkopf said:


Era wise could be an issue for you as the only photos I can find of them in that livery is from 2006 at the latest. 


I was thinking about that too but that's about the early point of where I start my main collection. They are something different though but I'm starting to wonder how much 'different' stuff I need...

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Popondetta will release new body shells with opened doors and close couplers for the Tobu 500 sets they released recently as they found out people really hate driving around with closed doors and rapido couplers, and thus have been flocking over to the Tomix version which will have it from the get-go.




There are 3 different variants, one for the 6 car set, one for the 3 car base set, and 1 for the 3 car expansion set (differences being the car numbers, I think, not 100% sure). Each set has 2 shells and 2 close “close” couplers. It’s not only the doors because apparently while the doors are a separate part in the model, detaching them is virtually impossible without breaking it.


The replacement shells can only be reserved at Popondetta stores / online store. Note that this is a Built To Order item, so you need to reserve it in advance in order to get one; it won’t be released normally.



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53 minutes ago, katoftw said:

The Tomix set is the same. Separate shell for open doors and gangway.

interesting. I guess Micro Ace is still the smartest in the bunch for having removable doors.

But Tomix doesn’t require a separate purchase, right?

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I though they were separate. But Tomix's version is interchangable doors in the shell. Pull out closed doors and push in open doors.

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5 hours ago, katoftw said:


Yeah, and for the Popondetta one you have to apparently change the entire body shell.

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3 posts up i said that




This Popondetta version is dead in the water. Tomix under cut the price massively. And added the gangway feature. Popendetta had to do some. But cancelling the model would probably be wiser.

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As someone who pre-ordered the Popondetta version long ago, I am very miffed that they didn't include the door shells from the get go, and also decided to hard glue the closed doors on the shell, and made the other body shell a Built to Order item that can only be ordered at the Popondetta store and nowhere else. Fortunately I do have my sources in Japan so I can get the body shell. At least the model looks nice in Youtube videos, and gets some of the basics correct (the lights seem to be correct, the model does not shine through, stuff like that). It also appeared to sell out like hot cakes regardless of the announced Tomix version.


I'll reserve my final verdict when I receive my set and the doors. I'm fine with giving starting up companies some benefit of the doubt, so I'll probably keep my Popondetta version unless it turns out to be absolute crap. It's not like the Tomix version is guaranteed to be much better; Tomix also made some models in the past that are really stupid e.g. the Odakyu GSE.

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They seem to be picking interesting additions. The Seibu 20000 L-train might also interest baseball fans as well as those modelling Seibu.


I always liked their cement hoppers as well  as the Toki set they made.Nicely detailed but pretty pricey for a wagon set.


 I kind of wish they’d venture into a few HO projects to keep the market fresh. Perhaps an HO version of something they’ve done in N. 

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Friendly reminder:


The deadline to order the TOBU 500 gangway body shells is end of February. That leaves two weeks to order them as of this writing. After that, it's gone.

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6 hours ago, EdF said:

Is it normal for some of the usual suspects to be flow listing Popondetta releases?  Only HS seems to have the new items yet.

Low volume stuff get low attention. No many resellers care.

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