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Can we have separate sub topics for the various track systems?


maybe this has been requested before, but I couldn’t see it...


I can think of several:


- Kato

- Kato tram/compact

- Tomix

- Tomix tram

- Tomix bus


I have some Kato Tram track questions but don’t want to clutter the generic topic...

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Ah, sorry terminology issue! What I meant was a like a folder under track systems. For example, we currently have:


Platform 2 - Model Railroading > Japanese: N gauge > Track Systems


Could we have a sub-group for each of the ones mentioned above?


e.g. .... > Kato, ... > Kato Tram, and so on...

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Sorry we don’t like to get a huge number of sub forums, always a balance. The track systems forum is the place to post about any of the systems in specific or general 


for now it’s fine to just add which track system you are asking a question about in the thread title.


If we get a lot of different threads then we can add the sub forums, but until then I think they are all fine coexisting in one forum. This is how we add subdivisions usually by breaking things up when they start to get too big. We will keep an eye on it.





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