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Interesting model railroad setup duplicating Osaka Loop Line


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I just saw this intriguing set up of a temporary model train layout simulating the JR West Osaka Loop Line, set up at Osaka's Expo Commemoration Park (you can see the park's Tower of the Sun in the video). The user placed a camera in front of the model train to traverse the entire layout.



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Some serious Pla-railing! Though I couldn't really see the sign boards they placed on the floor to emulate the station, I could straight away recognise Imamiya and Shin-Imamiya, from the steep decline from the cute tiny Imamiya station to the huge Shin-Imamiya station; thanks to the many rounds I made on Densha de Go Osaka Loop!  🙂


I could see a Twilight Express set, a 287 series, and even a 8-car Osaka Power loop that comes with headlights! 


It always amazes me how Pla-rail can make it up such a steep incline! 

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For those interested, they set up this track configuration inside an (school?) assembly hall earlier, and the YouTube member who posted the video above posted this video of that setup, with two trips around the simulated Osaka Loop Line:



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