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Tomix train control system and trams


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I'm new to this forum (live in the UK). I use Tomix wide tram track on a town layout I'm building and have just invested in a pair of Tomix controllers & two TCS units to automate the double track tram looped circuits to include a couple of tram stops on each circuit. I also have 4 of the short sensor track pieces. However, the instructions are all in Japanese and I'm having a devil of a job sorting out how to do the wiring to achieve this.  


Anyone got any tips or links that might help me?

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have you tried the google phone app for translating? it works well for small bits like instructions like this and can help give you a start. there are a few folks on the forum who have the tomix tcs system and hopefully someone can help with questions.





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Two loops, two units, four sensors, no turnouts. That's probably program 6 with the two stop sensors chained together (times two, one setup for each loop).


The sensors go towards the middle of the stops for short trams. Connect one directly to the TCS unit and the other to the first sensor. The tram will loop around and stop at each stop. The maximal number of stops is not really limited but only one tram can run on a single loop. The classic automation unit can only move one train at a time.


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Thanks for all your help and advice guys. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, have been away. Now I'm back I'll try your suggestions.

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I’ve got two of those pieces on order and will analyse how they work...


Somewhat related: To control Tomix points without a Tomix power unit, should I get a 5500 and 5531’s & 5532’s for the points?


I assume the 5500 is fed with 12V DC?

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The Tomix 5500 is an AC 16-24V to DC 12V converter. So it should be fed with around 16V to 24V AC or DC. The minimal voltage loss in the unit (if it uses a 7812 and a diode bridge) should be around 3.4V at least, so the 16V minimal input is a good idea to get a stable 12V output at around 1A.

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