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Hogwarts Express in N Scale?


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Needless to say, I am a big admirer of the Harry Potter series. Now that I have N track, I want to find a Hogwarts Express set. A quick Google search found this but I am not sure if this is the real thing 

. I am blind and so the video isn't of much use. Does anyone know if there is an Hogwarts Express in N scale?




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The locomotive is an GWR design 4-6-0 Hall Class painted a very unprototypical red (crimson?). The locomotive itself is available in N gauge from Dapol, but not in Hogwarts livery. The coaches are BR-design Mk1s in Maroon, available from Graham Farish (owned by Bachmann).

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Here is the aforementioned GWR hall from Graham Farish, it’s a quite old casting and mechanism but you may find one cheap in ebay uk suitable for a respray, it basically looks the part but isn’t great by modern standards




the dapol coaches are much nicer




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Nope, the Grange is a different class. I have a feeling they shared some components but they're not identical. It might pass as "close enough" depending on your preferences. If you find a photo of a real Hall class to compare to it should help.


One tip if you do go for an old Farish Hall, the earlier ones used a brass gear on the axle which, unlike some of the plastic ones, isn't prone to cracking.

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Yes, the Castle is a larger engine than the Hall. There are also differences to the feed pipe to the cylinders at the front and number of cylinders.


Ironically, the Hall used by the film makers was renamed Hogwarts Castle, so it's a Hall masquerading as a Castle!

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I agree the Farish example is cruder, but things can be done to improve it...new pony wheels for example. You would also need to repaint it, obviously. It would make a good basis for a nice little project. 


Note, however, that Hatton's are by no means the cheapest when it comes to second-hand N gauge.

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On 1/13/2019 at 3:32 AM, bill937ca said:

The Hogwarts Express will be available this year  from Hornby, but in OO scale.  Hornby doesn't do N scale.



 They do via their Arnold brand, and for the UK have done the Brighton Belle in N as well as scenic accessories.


Whether they see sufficient demand for further British N models is a question only they can answer though...

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A repainted Hall Class locomotive to look like Hogwarts Express. Not the most accurate but close enough I guess. Running on my four-track loop at home.



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Hopefully the correct link to the video
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1 minute ago, Kiran said:

A repainted Hall Class locomotive to look like Hogwarts Express. Not the most accurate but close enough I guess. Running on my four-track loop at home






Your link ended up being a screen shot that has a Youtube video in the back and the window on top is from JNSForum.com with you posting this actual post.  


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