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Shizuoka Hobby Show May 10-May 13


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The Shizuoka Hobby Show started Thursday in Shizuoka. Thursday and Friday are trade only and Saturday and Sunday are open to the general public which is when the videos usually follow.


First a video from 2017.  Video by Forever of Kaedama.



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Nice to see dekotora is still going strong. How I wish tomytec would do a box of dekotoras with real detail! My toy ones are nice and very rare, but not tomytec level of detail.



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Pretty interesting, MA still has the Dakota trucks! And they didn't have a layout to run their trains on.... just static models... Well, at least I can see my pre-ordered 811 looking pretty neat ~~ 


GreenMax on the other hand seems to be doing really well... but still no sight of the Iiyama Line 4 seasons Kiha110 that is being delayed yet again... 

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Video by 南国総合車両センターシフォンセンター長




Video by Kawasaki.



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