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Rokuhan C11 2-6-4T review


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One of my youtube subscribers enquired if i was planning on doing anymore video reviews after watching my recent DD51 production. As it happened I was but had been busy for the last few months developing my British stock for Republic steel. Now I have got over the recent flurry of exhibitions I've got a bit more time to do things.


I've had the Rokuhan C11 for a while now and it is a lovely little model




seen here on Republic on a mixed freight passing a couple of D51s




Video at






Next up should be a review of the Tenshodo D51 2-8-2s in their various forms and the Rokuhan DE10






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Hi Kev,


what are your experiences with the running qualities?

The reason for the question is, that my C11 'lollops' - admitedly only - when running forward in curve (~220mm radius) up a slope with a train attached. She runs perfectly well, however, when she runs with the tender ahead. I've noticed that the centre of gravity is quite close to the rearmost driving axle, and I suspect that under the named conditions the forward driving wheels continuously try to climb the outer rail.



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My C11 is happier running forwards rather than backwards. It does get a wriggle on when on a straight piece of track with a decent load behind it but I put that down to the short wheelbase and lack of side springing on the leading and trailing trucks. 


on the layout it is usually working the short local passenger train with three Tenshodo coaches and is quite happy



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I guess the narrow curve PLUS the gradient PLUS the train load PLUS the superelevated rails is simply too much for the little cutie? Otherwise, she's a good runner...

Still I wonder how to add a bit more weight to the front, but I have no other idea than giving up the lighting, yet.



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