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Bachmann Dynamis+Kato Unitrack


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I've bought some Kato Unitrack to run my US HO and UK 00 scale stuff on. I'd like to buy a Bachmann Dynamis for my DCC equipped locos to run on, but I'm stumped on how I can connect the track to the controller? Presumably the Kato wire only fits the Kato controller.

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If the Bachman controller has screw terminals on it then just nip off the end of the kato wire at the plug (leave an inch or so onnthe plug and you can always reattach it later if you want to plug into a kato controller), split the two wires for an inch, and strip off a half inch of insulation and connectors to the bachmann controller on the screw terminal. You can get fancy and put some spade connectors onto the wire ends (you can crimp and/or solder them on) to make it hold up better if you plan to do much attaching and unattaching of the wires (the stranded wires will break with lots of screwing and unscrewing).




if the bachmann has a special plug on the back of it then you can just splice a kato wire from the track to a bachmann wire that goes to the powerpack.





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It comes with a plug for screw terminals also.  Just cut off the Kato plug and strip 5mm of insulation off the wiring.  Many photos on google of the unit if you search to see what I'm talking about.

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