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New N scale project


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Greetings All,


I have a little space (2400x 600 or 8 foot x 2 foot) and in process of building a layout.

This time i would like to run a lot of the LRT/Tram stuff and smaller Kiha rail

cars on the tight curves this layout will offer. 

N scale 5.scarm




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Maybe you can post a photo of the track plan, as only people with this software installed (I don't) will be able to view and comment. Anyway the space you have available should be ample for a good tram layout.

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Got the Trains running, but no buildings yet. This is the great Tomix KIHA 120 (Kansai Line) doing its stuff.






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47 minutes ago, inlander said:

Heres the smooth running Kato KUMOHA12-50







Awesome. Looks like that wasn't your first rodeo.

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