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Tail Lights for the Kato EF58

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Hello all,


I have been adding the detail parts and dcc'ing a Kato ef58 that i've had for some time. When I took the body off, I noticed that there are guides above the cabs for tail lights, as well as the headlights. Shining a light through the body confirmed that the light was delivered to the lenses for the tail lights, so I set about adding some leds to illuminate the tail lights, as there is space to do so.

20180313_171053_resized.thumb.jpg.65b8ffadb16b9f47f066274a988a7010.jpgInside the ef58. LEDs can be added to the grey box at either end of the model. I used 3mm LEDs, pre wired with a resistor. 

20180313_171243.thumb.jpg.9d175d40807c7f16615718b90c586107.jpgGrey box removed. The guide for the headlight lens goes through the gap on the left, you need to drill a hole on the right hand side for the light to pass through.


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20180313_163806_resized.thumb.jpg.b878634f897ae6ef4e09d08746076ccf.jpgThe box with the holes made. At the front is where the led will sit, middle and back are for the wires to pass through the box into the body.

20180313_171129_resized.thumb.jpg.e25f3f56b7ccd9eba87bab0f314893ac.jpgLed fitted.

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20180313_171335_resized.thumb.jpg.b4508c38e6c5338bcb062ad2c75f9a47.jpgGrey boxes with leds fitted, reattached onto the chassis. Once done, all you need to do is fit the decoder, attach the wires, and seal the leds in with some blu tack to prevent red light leaking into the headlight lens. The model came with yellow leds fitted for the headlights, so I swapped these for some soft white leds to improve the appearance.

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 20180316_164108_resized.thumb.jpg.9699abec6c1f41afe76043e6f4337dac.jpg     Headlight on.


Headlight off.


The red leds are attached to the function 3 and 4 on the decoder, so they can be operated independently of the headlights. The camera makes the red look a bit pink in the photo, but to the naked eye the colour is much more red than it appears in the pictures!

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