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Traintech Controller


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I was on Facebook looking at the T-Trak Tokyo Project page where I saw a reference to the Traintech Bluetooth controller. Here's a link: http://www.traintech.jp/ Is anyone familiar with this system? Any thoughts? Comments?


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Interesting, thanks! It looks to be a single phone bluetooth based system without feedback or signal control. The output boxes look to be similar to the new Tomix TNOS system but grouped by the same type of driver circuit and afaik no input capabilities. The application seems to provide the user interface. I don't know if it will be upgradable for feedback and signals in the future as that would allow full automation and cab switching like the Tomix TNOS instead of the conventional loop control with turnouts only that the current product supports.

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Kato is going to be offering something similar shortly, though it uses the soundbox for audio out & doesn't have point control on the phone.

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