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EM13 pcb board dummy to simplify other decoder install


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So, I went looking for other nano sized decoders that might work.  I bought a Zimo MX616N nano sized decoder and took a dremel to one of my 0.8mm thick boards to make room for some of the thicker components on the bottom of the decoder to stick down into it and I soldered it on.  The pin spacing was slightly different from the DH05C one on the board for some reason (since both are spaced for NEM651 pins/sockets I'd have thought they'd be the same.  But they are close.   The spot I dremelled out, due to the traces in the board, couldn't be made quite big enough to get all the underneath components down into the board.  But it does fit in my test train with a hair of clearance for the drive shaft.


Anyway, the board works in my KATO/Roundhouse JR West 223-2500 Kansai Airport Express.  I may try and design the board to take the Zimo directly as I can then make the cutout big enough for the whole board and route the traces appropriately -- similar to the PD05A version of this board (see earlier postings).





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