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Music videos from Shinkansen operations


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Excellent scene framing and motion thru the frames! Very well done. They resisted heavy panning and scanning and focused on the art and the train and scene interaction. Kudos!



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maihama eki

Beautiful.  I had to send this to the big screen.


This same person has a lot of other similarly nice videos on Youtube.

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Great cameraperson! Hard to fine ones that look for framing and scene over motion these days. These days it’s about everything in motion and no thought to the picture. The picture is what the mind captures for the memory not the motion. Best cameraperson I worked with started in large format film photography and went into motion later. She set up the scenes and frames so well that he never had to move the camera it all happened in the scene and was beautiful.



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This uploader just posted a new YouTube video of (mostly) spring scenery around the Yamagata Shinkansen Line:



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