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Knowing him, I would say he made that on purpose. Its part of his behaviour, his way of dealing with us. This cat is devilish. He has a gift that allows him to find things that you care about and try to wreck it so you will get up and feed him. It's part of the morning/night ritual.


It's every time the same story and you can't let things lying around... So it works quite fine: He messes around, I get up, get angry (because he is ruining my sleep paterns and my possessions), feed him, pet him, love him and everything starts again. A nice circle...


As far as the cork is involved. It will partly covered by more cork (for the station platforms), painted pastic sheets and buildings... I still have to find what I will be using to make the roads and the "earth". I'm wondering how a black painted cork will look like, could it mimic road texture?


Anyway, I didn't have time to try things this (long) week end. I had a friend home and drinking got a bit out of hand.

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I was just reading an article in Model RR mag about making roads with cork. What the modeler did was to take cork cut it to the dimensions of the road he wanted and then got thin sheets of styrene and cut them to the same dimensions as the cork and glued it on top. He then painted the styrene black. (you could do gray if you want)


or...yes you can paint cork. I painted it black for the inside of the tunnel for my project at the Party.


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Thanks Bernard, that's exactly the process I had in mind for my platforms.


Newbie question: Can I glue my tracks down with some carpenter's white glue? Does it work? Is it strong enough or should I try low-temp glue gun?

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