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Kato, Tomix, Peco double track spacing


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Tomix spacing is 37mm; Peco setrack is 35mm;  Kato is 33mm; and Peco 55 is 26mm.


Now I know that Tomix and Peco setrack are fine for 11inch (280mm) and 12.5 inch(315mm) curves in parallel for long coaches not to hit each other, and, I know that Peco 55 spacing is probably a little narrow. But what about Kato?


I am looking at variation pack V14. I have read that the spacing is a little tight for longer rolling stock to pass each other.


Does anyone know if this is 'internet expert logic' or reality?


In my mind, and shifting peco track a couple of millimeters in, it seems to be fine, but if anyone knows say if trains with BR mk4 or long continental coaches can pass each other with those radii and 33 track spacing, then I can probably start investing in Kato which is a lot easier to get hold of here in the UK

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As long as you stay at 282 mm or above, the 33 mm spacing would be fine. It looks horrible with car lengths above 20 meters (14 cm in Nj) but standard 26.5 meters long N scale cars can pass through it.


If you want to measure it, then check if all cars you own stay within 33/2 mm (16.5 mm) of the track centerline in a 280 mm curve.


The only problematic spacing is unitram with continental or us rolling stock. It has a track to track distance of 25 mm, just below Peco's code55 26 mm.


Standard fremo spacing is also 25mm and works fine, although the sharpest curves are limited to 300 mm. (300/325 for doubletrack)

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thanks for that, I'm not so fussed about the way it would look, just need to make sure I can run some loco hauled modern and steam as well as high speed trains.

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8 minutes ago, katoftw said:

I had a 500 series shinkansen and 800 series shinkansen running last weekend on 282/315mm kato double track without issue.


Yeah I've had Kato W7 and Kato 800 Shinkansens running fast on those same tracks several times.  Each with 6 cars total.  The curves were 282/315mm with a single straight piece after the first 90 deg on the curved end, so instead of an oval, it was a rectangle with rounded corners.

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The longest i've personally seen on ttrak curves (282/315) were 16.5 cm long european halberstadter cars, but the newest ice4 cars are a bit longer.

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