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PLEASE HELP IN MEASURING BASE of N-Scale KATO models of 3-truck Japan locos.


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PLEASE HELP IN MEASURING BASE of N-Scale KATO models  of 3-truck Japan locos.

I need to choose right loco chasis in aim to  constuct  custom designed model.

Base - is the distance between first and last axle of loco.

May be anyone know link on datascheets of models?


I have only KATO EF200  (base = about 100 mm )

Also interesting to know bases EF210, EF510,  EF63, EF64 EF65, EF70, EF71, ED78, EF81, DF200, ED73, ED76, E851....etc.



May be You know a link onto knowledge database or datasheet catalogue of KATOModels?


Please, HELP!





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I have a few of those, mostly JNR locos.  These numbers are not exact as I only had a ruler to measure.
EF66: 92mm

EF65: 83mm
EF30: 76mm

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