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Mia culpa, mia culpa! I forgot the double points end up crossing the inter and outer tracks over to avoid the reversing loop!



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On 3/2/2018 at 7:17 PM, onetruescale said:

Thanks for the video feedback so far on this teaser, everyone! Sorry the numerous tram crashes has made my video such a cringeworthy “demolition derby”.  Even though I have found such slow crashes to be harmless, I should have known better than to put this before a tram-loving audience!


Future videos will be less chaotic with trams or locos that can run at more similar speeds.  It will be easier to mitigate collisions.  I do have to run several at once though, to avoid a lot of dead time video editing.

I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube. I think that they are excellent and very informative. Thanks for taking the time to make them.

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Do any of you have a picture or diagram of incorporating the v51 figure 8 setup with the v60 set??  I am awaiting my v60 set due to me on friday and wondered or would like to see someone that has used both or a picture thanks blueregal

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Kato’s LHT V50/V51 diagram shows the typical way to combine the two sets, but it is not entirely correct for blueregal’s situation because Kato’s RHT V60 (right hand traffic) contains 5 fewer road plates than their LHT V50. I guess Kato USA accepted that tradeoff to reduce the total V60 production cost and reduce the RHT print tooling cost by two road plate types. You will get all of the Unitram track shown, but 5 of the rectangular road plates will be missing, taking big chunks out of the nice 4 city block layout shown. You can get LHT versions of all 5 missing plates by buying the Kato 40-820 street set. I am rather dissappointed that Kato USA has not followed up the V60 with any RHT versions of the many Japanese sets, not ever the simple and obviously needed 40-820.

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