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The "Launch Thread"

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So, at last, the day had come to lauch this party! Hear! Hear the joyfull shout outs of the entranced crowd and the cracks of fireworks.


Today, sunday the 6th will be known through out the forum history as the first day of the September 2009 Project Party. But don't let this name throw you out, the party will not run on a month only. Parcipant will have plenty of time to finish their project. I give here again the calendar which was once given in the "disclaimer thread".


  • Launch party: September 6th (Sunday)
  • Definition phase: September 6th to October 4th (Sunday)
  • Work phase: October 5th to November 15th (Sunday)
  • Party end: November 15th(Sunday)
  • Voting: November 16th to November 28th
  • Winner announcement: November 29th


As you can see the party will span over the course of the two months. Of course, if you allready have collected all your ideas and materials, you are allowed to start work right now. The description phases are made to give participants some guidelines, a timeframe to work with. You are also wellcome to follow these guidelines:


  • Projects must fit in with the Party subjects
  • Participants must follow the given calendar, the date are not moveable (meaning everybody have to finish and present their last entry/articles on November the 15th)
  • Participants must respect the given restrictions and project's definition (see the "disclaimer thread")
  • Participants must fuel a "in progress" thread. A weekly update will be much appreciated but a bi-weekly (one every two weeks) update is the minimum accepted. Comments concerning each entries has to be post in an independant thread. Both will be open by the host during the day.
  • The winning entry will receive a prize funded by the forum, which has yet to be decided. (The host is eligable for the prize as the winner will be voted for by the whole memberbase.)


In any case, I would like that this week each participant write and post an explanatory text on their upcoming project. I would like also, if possible, it to be allustrated with a simple drawing or plan. Somekind of introduction so other participants and simple mortals (aka viewers) have an idea of what you are planing for this party.


I wish everybody a happy 2009 Project Party and, if you are ever interested in joining in: it's never too late! ;) Enjoy!





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Martijn Meerts

Looking forward to seeing the progress ;)


Couldn't make this one unfortunately, but I'll be in on the next one =)

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