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Need for High Speed

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Need for High Speed

hi, I had someone on facebook to send me some photos of the motor car of the JR500 HO scale version from Tenshodo. I do not own this train but will hopefully get one with in this year.

AS you can see on one side of the circuit panel their appears to be an 8 pin plug and I want to know what Digitrax decoders you recommend for it I stay with digitrax because its cheaper than TCS and other companies. Also is it 8pins or an 8pin socket?


The car appears to be held together with 4 screws and the circuit panel has 2 screws holding it to the chassis and the motor also has screws holding it to the chassis too. the motor has the Bachmann symbol etched on it meaning that Bachmann did help design the model.  But I do not know for sure if that's true or not I could be wrong on any of that and tell me if I am.


I wish Kato designed its HO Hayabusa like Tenshodo designed their Nozomi. I am hoping to find this train for under 650 dollars.








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