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103 Series subclass without gutters?


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I'm eyeballing the orange 103 Series unit on the Osaka Loop Line, with a view to extending my four car Kato unit to model it. One question though, what subclass are the two SaHas in the middle? They have a smooth curve between side and roof rather than the guttering found on the Kato model. Fast forward to 1:20 to see them as the train passes the camera:



Does anyone make this type in N as an individual car? GreenMax maybe? Kits are fine.

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Greenmax don't do individual cars for the  103 series.  The do have a mix of unpainted and painted kits in 2, 4 and 6 car sets.  I was only recently researching green Kansai region 4 car version for Nara line, hence why I ran into this info.  I did notice some Saha cars as part of some sets.  But the item description on hobby search and the greenmax website being difficult to navigate, you'll need to do some fine comb searching to get what you are after.


the actual goodbye train



dodgy decription which saha-100s




4 car + 2 car kit ( text but hopefully part number can point you in right direction for a cheaper alternative




heap more sets to peruse, with better descriptions from older sets


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Thanks for that, I knew GreenMax had done some very adaptable kits recently but kind of hoped they were selling individual packs or pairs of cars to make up specific trains.


I know Kato did an Osaka Loop train pack a while ago with older type SaHas instead of the N40 cars, they're going for silly money used though. I'll buy an eight car book case for the time being and fill the other slots when I can.


Did think about grabbing the add-on pack for the current orange Kato 103 (has a pair of MoHas and two SaHas) but I know that would lead to my wanting the basic set to go with it and ending up with another ten car 103!

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