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Texas Central Railway unveils plan for northern terminus

bikkuri bahn

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Actually, i google-d the location and if they have access to this location, then using the same corridor, the trains could be bought into the downtown area as well and there is an unused lot near the Amtrak station, next to the post office, where the old freight yard was. (right at the university building) If that's too crowded, then there are open lots two corners north along the tracks that would still put the trains right into the downtown area. Of course, if they plan to support the trains with a park and ride / rent and ride car system (with passengers using cars on both ends), then the northern location is better as there is more open space for it. For an airline replacement service, using transfer buses is also an option, but a large car park is still needed for the park and ride option.


ps: i've checked and found 3 removed freight yards in the downtown area and the amount of disuses rail seems to be huge, with newer yards further outside, so the city seems to have the potential for a good s-bahn system... (not small trams, but actual commuter trains, something like TexRail is doing on the north with stock Flirt-s, btw. those are also good for up to 120 mph medium speed, so great for suburban commuting)

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bikkuri bahn

Recent news.  Seems to be moving along.




Global engineering giant Bechtel will work with bullet train developer Texas Central on project management for the $15 billion high-speed rail project planned between Dallas and Houston.

Bechtel has been enlisted to support Texas Central as the project moves from development to implementation, Texas Central announced Wednesday.






Passengers aboard the proposed Texas Bullet Train will have access Amtrak’s national routes thanks to a partnership between the bullet train’s developers and the Washington D.C.-based rail line.

Texas Central Partners and Amtrak have teamed up to offer bullet train tickets through Amtrak’s reservation system. The partnership also will allow Texas Central to access other Amtrak services, including training and marketing and sales offerings, and the two organizations could collaborate on frequent travel programs.



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