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JNS Forum World Tour 2018 - Discussion


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Cool the tour with In a tour. You would be unique at tourist spots photoing a train car usually its some stuffed animal! Japanese would be into it though! Might be a great conversation piece to meet folks! Have a good trip!





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Martijn Meerts
On 6/1/2019 at 1:13 AM, Yavianice said:

Yes. I received the car yesterday, but unfortunately I won't have time to ship it to the next person before I go to Japan. Seems I might just take it with me for a mini-world tour?


Trade it at the IMON shop for an H0j kit 😉


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11 hours ago, Martijn Meerts said:

Trade it at the IMON shop for an H0j kit 😉



Then squid can pick it up from bookoff a few weeks later and restore it!

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Like I posted more than a month ago, I took the JNS world tour on a mini "world" tour to Japan, and visited some sights on the way. Note that I had a simple iPhone to make pictures so they aren't awesome all the time.




Mandatory japan tourist picture




Back at KATO headquarters!




At the Tokyo Metro museum!




Tobu museum trip!




At the C11 by the Aeon mall in Hiroshima!




In an empty E4 Shinkansen (one of my favorites) on the lower floor




Can anyone guess in which train the JNS car is? (JNS discord members, don't spoil it!)




At the Niigata Niitsu railway museum




Car is on the bottom left, bit hard to see.


The car is still in my possession, as I may have some additional plans for it before I ship it to its next stop.



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I've been super duper busy and basically rebuilding my entire layout and train room, so didn't get round to running the car on my layout. Too bad. O well.


I am sending it to the next person in line this week.


By the way, is it possible to get a high quality logo so I can print my own sticker? I have these wooden billboards in N scale that are just begging to be covered with a JNS forum logo...

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Martijn Meerts

Car arrived at my place a while ago. I haven't done anything with it quite yet, since I keep forgetting 😄


Of course, the only thing I can really do is take a picture of it on the hidden yard o.O


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On 3/25/2019 at 10:46 AM, katoftw said:

The tour might need to be the JNS Forum World Tour 2018-2019.  Since it seems to spend 4-6 weeks at each household before moving on.

Better add 2020 to the title.

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Martijn Meerts

Well, I did end up taking some pictures, so I should probably send it along.. Or rather, should've done so a while ago. I'll shoot a couple of additional pictures in the weekend (of a very lonely car sitting on a large storage yard, since the rest of the trains are back in their boxes), but I'm not sure who's next on the list 😄


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Martijn Meerts

... I once again forgot we had a map o.O


Densha is on a bit of an extended leave, so will have to see.

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I don't know if there's a database with my adddress, but take note that I moved recently, so will have to supply my new address in Zwijndrecht.

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Martijn Meerts

Not sure if there is a database with addresses. I was very busy when the whole thing got started, so I haven't really been involved much.



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Appologies gents,been a busy week so just catching up here,Yavianice is absolutely correct,there is no data base just ask the next person for their address👍👍😀

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Martijn Meerts

Well, I can mail it, or deliver it (I have one of those NS business cards that allows me to travel everywhere without additional cost ;))


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Hi everyone,

firstly, I sincerely hope everyone is doing ok in these very dificult times😀😀👍who d have thought this could happen in this day and age?


In light of everything that’s going on I think it may be an idea to suspend the car tour temporarily until things get back on a more stable footing.

i ve spoken to Martijn this morning and he s more than happy to hold on to it for the time being.I think people have enough on their plates at the moment,plus, it’s now travelled half way around the world and it would be such a shame for it to get lost in transit somewhere.

I hope everyone is ok with this,if not,let me know and we ll discuss another option,

thanks everyone,

stay safe and well,


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Martijn Meerts

I'm holding it hostage until we reach 10000 euro in donations!



(I need a new kitchen 😄 )


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I‘d like to take part in this, too 😄 but I suppose it‘s smarter to wait out the corona crysis

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