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Life size Godzilla, well err the head at least, in Tokyo


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I don’t know how I missed this! Looks like quite a fun display on top of a building to give a life sized goji impression in Shinjuku. What a great site to wake up to in one of the hotel Godzilla view rooms. Love it!










now this will be fun to model! But I hate to decapitate one of my gojis to do it! I do ave an 18” blow mounded model I could try to cast the head from, but the darn skin textrue may make that tough.





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When I was in Tokyo the first time, in Feb 2000, there for Tokyo MacWorld Expo 2000 in Makuhari where I had a small booth for my consulting company, I was walking around Tokyo with some guys from Belkin, and they said there was a statue of Godzilla in the city.  I had visions of a large, semi-life size statue in my head.  We set out to look for it (this is pre smart-phones).  They finally had to head to Narita and left me alone to find it.  I finally found it and was greatly disappointed.  It was 1 m tall plus the height of the base, so it was about man-sized overall.  Not what you think of when you think of Godzilla.


I guess it is gone now:





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Martijn Meerts

The life size Goji head has been there for quite a while, it's rather fun to see :)

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On 2/17/2018 at 1:27 PM, railsquid said:

Yup, lot of construction going on around there, but I imagine it will be put back once everything's finished.



As of last week construction has reached the "fixing up the street furnishings" stage, I'll report back if I see the return of the small statue as I pass through there regularly.

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Aren’t those complexes goji’s favorite stomping grounds? Lots of people and Gucci purses to squish between his toes?



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