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My South Hokkaido Railway/Esashi line modules

EH500 (12)

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Just now, Kiha66 said:

Thanks for the list, I'll have to pick up a few more bottle of paint it seems.  Do you use a spray booth while painting?

Yes. I have used a SW HG Super Fine from Tamiya for the bridge, but every 0.2mm or 0.3mm airbrush should be sufficient for such an item.

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Just a short sign of life.

I do not have much time at the moment as I have to prepare for my final exam, but I managed to finish the main road.



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20 minutes ago, Kiha66 said:

Great progress, what technique are you using to make the road?

I have used this technique:


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Really liking this! Can't wait to see more, it's inspiring me to get started on my own modules, and has given me some ideas.

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