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Laser Cut Maruoka Castle

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Looking forward to seeing the progress


If my Hakuho layout was bigger I'd be wanting one in Z!



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Back to the design phase. I've found some scale drawings online. It gives all measurements using shaku or 尺 – units of 303mm. I'm using these measurements to resize the model slightly different than what the paper model was. I'm designing for 1/150 scale. I'm also looking at 3D printing parts of the roof and other assorted bits and bobs. I really enjoy this part of a project. Lots of problem solving. I learned a bunch from the first prototype and will most likely learn more here. Here's a pic from a few days ago.




Cheers eh,



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In my ongoing research on this castle I came across this site which says that the stairs at the front of the castle may have originally had a landing. I'm thinking that I may make my model like this as it will take up less space and fit better on the narrow shelf layout that I'd like to put it on. The roof on the castle is presently stone tile but research seems to indicate that it may have originally been a thatched roof. I've read elsewhere that it may have had wood shingles at one point as well. What to do, what to do? So many choices.

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