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Index of JR rail cams

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Here is a list of all the live JR rail cams I can find. If I've missed any let me know and I'll update the list. Months of happy watching ahead!


Hamamatsuchō station – Tokyo City Livecamera HD 24/7 汐留 鉄道 ライブカメラ 🔊

Specs: Sound, 1080p, 4 hour rewind.

Railway: JR East (Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line), JR Central (Tokaido Shinkansen), Yurikamome (AGT)

Location: 35.660176, 139.758548, near Hamamatsuchō station.

Forum thread: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/13546-live-video-stream-of-tokyo/


Akabane Station – 鉄道ライブカメラ(赤羽駅周辺) Japan Railway Live Camera HD 🔊

Specs: Sound, 720p, 4 hour rewind.

Railway: JR East (Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Ueno–Tokyo Line, Shōnan–Shinjuku Line, Saikyō Line, Akita Shinkansen)

Location: 35.780546, 139.719092, near Akabane Station

Explanation website: https://railwaylivecamera.wordpress.com/


Shin-Osaka Station – 新大阪ライブカメラ(Sin-Osaka Cam)🔊

Specs: Sound, 720p (bit fuzzy), 4 hour rewind.

Railway: JR West (JR Tokaido Line), JR Freight, JR Central (Tokaido Shinkansen)

Location: 34.737114, 135.502814, near Shin-Osaka Station

Forum thread: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/13428-shin-osaka-webcam/

Timetable: https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/shin-osaka-webcam-timetable


Yokooji Shimomisuhigashinokuchi –【中書島】京阪電車を生ライブ【淀】🔊

Specs: Sound, 1080p, 2 hour rewind.

Railway: Keihan Electric Railway (Keihan Main Line)

Location: 34.924126, 135.752210 (Street view), nearish Chushojima


Shizuoka City – 静岡市さった峠 交通の要衝 🔇

Specs: No sound, 720p, 4 hour rewind.

Railway: JR West (JR Tokaido Line)

Location: 35.070296,138.54127, between Okitsu Station and Yui Station

Forum thread: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/13492-live-video-shizuoka-city/ and http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/12796-mt-fuji-live-cam-now-with-added-timetables/

Timetable: https://modelrail.otenko.com/japanese-trains/mt-fuji-live-view


Obihiro Station – JR帯広駅ライブカメラ Live Camera 🔇

Specs: No sound, 720p, 4 hour rewind.

Railway: JR Hokkaido (Nemuro Main Line)

Location: 42.9186034, 143.201084, overlooking Obihiro Station


Kanazawa Station – 北陸新幹線 金沢駅ライブカメラ 🔇

Specs: No sound, 720p, 4 hour rewind.

Railway: JR West (Hokuriku Main Line, Hokuriku Shinkansen), Ishikawa Railway (Ishikawa Railway Line)

Location: 36.580090, 136.648934, overlooking Kanazawa Station


Koganechō Station – 部屋の窓から(大岡川&ランドマーク方面:Live Camera) 🔇

Specs: Canned music, 720p, 2 hour rewind.

Railway: Keikyu (Keikyū Main Line)

Location: 35.440210, 139.624098, near Koganechō Station


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JR 500系

Wow many thanks for this! It's a really good way to kill time!


Off topic, why aint there something for Odakyu? .... 

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Found a new one of Toyooka Station Yard...


Note: I've hesitated posting this, as you can control the camera fully. It's public... and often the camera is shifted... but just play nicely with everyone else watching!


Snowing nicely today and the JR West Inspection train is up there.


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Nice.  Not much happening when I looked.  A few Kiha 47s just lazing about.

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The Dramatic Chuo Main Line.


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That webcam is beautiful... E353s at 0953 ad 1009 this morning ...

Freight at 1022, with another E353 straight after it.

Using Left and Right arrows to scroll 10-second blocks works nicely.

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Spent an hour rail fanning and saw 3 E353s, 4 211's and a solo Brown EF64.  

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