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Hello from Southern California


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Hello, I'm Jason. I am originally from sunny Southern California, but I now split my time between California and New York. I am interested in collecting N-scale Shinkansen (especially JR East) and other international high speed models, with the hope of one day riding the prototypes in California (who knows maybe even on the NE corridor, if it ever gets modernized). I was introduced to this forum thanks to the Japan Rail Modelers of  Washington DC and have, until recently, been a passive member. I look forward to being more active on the forum and learnig more about rail modelling from the folks here.



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Welcome from me, too! :)


And yeah, cool re more Californians. I spent half a year every year from age 8 to age 18 on the Coast Line near Sta Barbara so I kinda feel myself to be a bit of a California kid myself...

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