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How did you improve your rolling stock?


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3 hours ago, cteno4 said:

I have been slowly adding a new feature to my caskets. I got a pile of clear vinyl binder pockets that are open on the long edge. I just cut off the binder ring hole edge and double stick tape it to the inside front panel of the casket. Then slip on the instructions there so they stay out of the way when you open/close the casket and no more mistakenly folding an edge over the end of the foam!




Ooooh, now that's a useful idea, totally stealing that :). I am very keen to make the process of opening up stock cases as hassle-free as possible.

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On 10/6/2021 at 7:52 PM, Kamome said:

Added TN couplers to the Kintetsu 80000 Hinotori. As @disturbmanmentioned it was very easy, as if the bogies were designed to have bits hacked off and the plastic is pretty soft. I took the main coupler arm off with some snips and then tidied it up by following the screw mount with a scalpel to get rid of any remnants. It all seemed a bit unnecessary and perhaps Tomix should really look at their design. Here’s the pile of scraps.




Perhaps the mentality is to have rapidos so that the coaches could be added to any other consist but this really seems to be the reasoning of a toy manufacturer. Anyway they’re gone and the model looks a lot better with TN couplers. I can even overlook the silver wheels as they’re pretty lost under the grey bogies.


I have also discovered there are no destination signs for the nicely crafted side windows so something else I need from Models Imon. I think Kato 2 Tomix 0 on the last 2 accounts. Anyway a nice looking model made better.




i would like to adopt those chopped pieces  😅


here's an improvement on 1 car (fell out of the table) as scenery



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1 hour ago, railsquid said:

Ooooh, now that's a useful idea, totally stealing that :). I am very keen to make the process of opening up stock cases as hassle-free as possible.

ive been meaning to take some pictures and document this I’ll try to get to it this week. It’s handy. I got so tired of trying to get stuff all lined up and it not falling on the floor at shows or misplaced!


just need to get the ones with the opening on the long side (Ie along the side), most all have them on the short side (ie top side).


Only pain is you kind of have to fold the front flap up at an angle and fish it out of the plastic (tweezers always work!) but it’s not very often you need to deal with the paper inserts.






ps the plastic sleeve kind of takes place of the loose plastic sheet to top the trains as well.

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JR 500系

Despite being more quiet online here, i am glad i am not burnt out as i still feel happy doing the hobby i love!







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Not exactly improving the rolling stock, but more of adding on more memories when opening the book cases of trains... 



Thought of this idea to add the ticket studs to the train sets i have sat on ~ just brings back memories when opening up the model!



While we're at it, might as well add in the postcard and train stamp!

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