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How did you improve your rolling stock?


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We now have a new worldwide model topic for this subject as well.






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On 6/7/2021 at 9:33 PM, Tony Galiani said:

Weathered two containers this weekend.  Trying to come close to what I have seen in videos - light weathering and no shine but not extremely dirty.  Put on a coat of clear flat, than a bit of dry brushing with dark grey on the sides, end and roof.  Tried to get some streaks on the roof consistent with air flow but not sure it worked all that well.  I then used a bit of Tamiya grey panel line accent on a cotton swab on the top of each one.


One thing I realized was that adding a bit of water to the clear flat reduced the appearance of the brush strokes and seemed to give a better end result.  The container on the left was done with that technique and looks better to me.  The container on the right was done first and you can see some white effect from the uneven flat finish.  I might try and add some heavier weathering to the top of the one on the right but not sure if that would be too unrealistic.


Tony Galiani

It’s a nice start Tony.


Getting rid of the plasticky look is always a big plus. I would probably add some variety so leave one relatively clean and go a little heavy with some darker brown/black washes in recesses on the other. I see a lot of these Big Eco containers on the back of trucks going past my office. Some look very clean and others have a coating of brown dust all over them. I tend to mix black and dark brown panel line accent and then dilute further with enamel thinners. This gives a cloudy, dirty colour rather than  an obvious brown or black. 

On the rails, you sometimes see 2 dark brown lines from the bottom of the container to about halfway where dirt has been kicked up by the wheels of the Koki. This is especially noticeable on the white JOT containers. 


 Roof is more difficult, some have lighter brown dirt from the pantograph wear raining down on it, others may have black soot from diesel engines, others sun bleached or not.


As the nature of these things is to be moved around the country, you can’t really go too wrong. Also a good thing to try different weathering ideas and techniques. 

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Tony Galiani

Thanks for those ideas.  I have the different panel line accent colors but it never occurred to me to mix them.  I did dry brush one to get it dirtier which gives it a nice contrast.  Still struggling with the roof of that one but am going to go back and work on it some more.  I also have some of the Tamiya brown weathering powder so will give that a go as well.

I plan to weather several more containers to see if I can that contrast between some clean and some very dirty and will post pictures again when I do.



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Did a bit more work  - gave a heavier coating of dirt to the EcoLiner container and weathered three Tomix containers trying to get a bit of contrast among them.  Didn't quite work out as I expected but okay for now.  Not sure if the roof of the EcoLiner is a bit overdone.  Since even a short container train of five or six cars will need up to 30 containers I expect I will get more practice.


Tony Galiani


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