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Tomix 5594

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Hi. Just to ask if anyone could share their experience with the new Tomix camera train (5594).

If there is a topic about it somewhere in the forum, I would appreciate that someone post that link. Cheers.



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Me too! I was fondling with this recently and still couldn't connect the camera train with my wifi and my smart phone... would appreciate some help here too. thanks in advance!

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I think you meant to say "fiddling" rather than "fondling" Sammy.  I love my trains too but I do not interact with them in that manner, haha.  Just teasing Sammy.  :)

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You should not use your wifi. It has its own, so you should disconnect your phone from your wifi (after downloading the app) and connect it to your train's own wifi. Also give 15 minutes to the car to charge.

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thanks for the info.

Hey JR500, I noticed you gotta a pretty cool controller!

From time to time I am tempted to get one, please share some videos of the controller in action. Cheers!

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