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Chicago + DC


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Very nice.  I admire those that take the time to take photos, I always try to make the effort to take photos whatever the activity may be but it is difficult at times.  Trips and events are easily forgotten until you sit down and look at pictures and are reminded of wonderful experiences.  Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks, Junior - I actually don't spend that much time on it, and the editing probably takes longer than the shooting.


However, I spent most of my life taking slides, so I spend more time than I need to composing, as I still tend to forget that with digital I can crop (or even rotate) post-shot.

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Glad we got to meet for dinner charles! 


The river building tour tour is really great, looks like you had a very nice day for it. Also glad to got to see the caulders, really a nice collection at the hershorn. Gotta be my favorite, just kid like joy in his work.





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Always great hearing about this meet ups.  I might be in DC again in December, we got awarded another grant from SAMHSA.

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Jeff - I used the weather forecast to decide which day I'd do the Chicago River architecture tour.  I realized later that mornings might give the best light, but I had decided to head out to Oak Park to see the FLW houses.  This trip renewed my enthusiasm for the L.


The Calder's are actually in the East Wing of the National Gallery, which is a stunning building.  He has his own room on the top floor.  I was quite disappointed in the Hirshhorn, as only part of one floor had exhibits, and there was nothing from their permanent collection.   Their sculpture garden was more impressive than inside the museum.


I found the original building of the National Gallery frustrating to navigate, as the grid arrangement of the rooms made it difficult to explore in a linear fashion.  I kept my map out and referenced it almost continuously.


The Sackler was really stunning, and was probably my favorite museum - as you said, they do an exceptional job with their lighting.  Check it out if you get a chance Junior.


I enjoyed our Japanese dinner, even if I was already exhausted from a day of walking.  I also liked my Indian lunch on Tuesday - there's one image showing a huge mound of chopped onions in the kitchen, and another of the Mixed Grill that I ordered.

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doh, yes forgot in the national gallery! It really is an impressive collection of caulder. Love the sculpture garden, wish it was bigger as well. The old wing is just that an old style museum with grids and columns, very traditional 19th century.


you got a good museum spin for a couple of days! I really enjoyed the Chicago river tour, very well presented information with history and design and just great views from angles you don't get from sidewalks. Very pleasant way to get a tour like that.


glad the lunch was good, sorry I missed it as it looked like an interesting place. great to meet you in person, one of the best things of the forum when you finally get to meet up with folks.



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