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"A Todo Tren" Club N Caldes Show


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Two weeks ago Club N Caldes organized our first show. We had the honor to get all the needed space in the Contemporanian Art Museum Würth of Logroño (La Rioja, Spain).  This museum cede space for those who want to do any activity (exhibitions, talks, events...), provided that this activity is related to art, didactic, or strengthens the company's business. So we focused on the didactic part, more for children than the "railway fan".




We let children to drive trains. Our modular layout is 100% digital, made with open source and open hardware devices, and manage trains with any smartphone or tablet. And we have also some interactive modules with sensors that play sounds and lights when there is people in front of them. We also prepared some small individual dioramas where kids (and not so young kids....) could see our electronics (Arduino) and interact with it.


It was a marvelous experience for all, we hope to repeat in the same format next year. And during the two days that the show lasted, we had more than 2100 visitors, which was over our expectatives.












You can see here a more detailed article with photos and videos:






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Excellent dani! Great the museum does this and you guys have a great set of clubs to do the event. 


Kudos to you all!





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