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FPV (first person video)


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Hey guys, I'd like to share an experiment; I split my hobby focus on two different areas, n-scale trains of course, and radio control aircraft.  One expanding segment of the latter is wireless video transmission, with cameras and transmitters on planes and monitors or goggles with the pilot.  One product is a micro camera/transmitter, no wider than n-scale trains.  So, I put it on a rail car and recorded the result.  The state of technology limits the video bandwidth, so those of you who are accustomed to widescreen 4K display won't be impressed.  However, watching rails and trains rushing towards you, even all grainy, is pretty cool!





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hey nice! Which camera and transmitter is this? It has great transmission (dropouts are usually there in a lot of systems sold for model trains) which make sense as this is designed for dc planes and much greater transmission distances.


how does it look in your goggles?


love seeing all the planes hanging above!



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This video has much better quality than the commercially available camera trains with cab mounted cameras, including the newest 2.4GHz wifi based 233 series from Tomix. (your video is about the same resolution but uncompressed and with better image quality)

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Some of the RC cameras ive seen have been nice and small and light and great transmission power! usually not cheap for nice ones, but its getting better! drones have really ramped this up a lot lately! folks want clear hd video from 50' on a small drone. demand will drive nice ones for us eventually!



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Hey guys, just got back here.  Jeff, I used an integrated micro camera/vtx made by Fatshark.  It was originally $100, but was on sale at Horizon Hobby for $40.  The antenna for it is a circular polarized type, sticking up the top.  I worked as you saw on my "operations, not scenery" layout.  The antenna height won't allow travel through tunnels or under catenary masts.IMG_1502.thumb.JPG.b189be505fce8f56131095de43f77421.JPG


Since the concept worked, I've designed a second setup, that uses a cam/vtx I cannibalized from a mini drone, also from Horizon Hobby.  The cam is the same, but has a short wire antenna that is able to go under obstructions.  My UP caboose sacrificed itself for a greater cause!  In the near future, I will use it on some scenicked layouts.




One thing these mini cameras are very sensitive to light.  My previous video was shot under garage lighting.  Outdoor, or high intensity lamps, will increase the quality of the video.



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That's great. I'd love to do this sometime. I especially like how you're sitting there controlling taking in the view through VR glasses. You rock!

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