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Planning a future layout


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I'm thinking about a future build for when my current layout is "finished" I know I want to do something in N gauge with the Tomytec bus system, however I have a couple of questions:


1 Is there a program like anyrail that has the bus system pieces in it? 

2 Is there anything other than buses available yet? 

3 is there a reliable way to know what buses would take a motorized bus chassis?

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1 There was a program called scarm that allowed you to add your own pieces by adding the description of them in XML (like curvature, length, etc.), including composite pieces (turnouts). The last usable free version was 0.9.32a. Afaik there was an offical Tomix track planning program in the past, but i don't know much about it.

2 There are buses and articulated buses from Tomix and trucks (in N scale) from Faller

3 Each bus has the required chassis type on its box, very much like the Tomytec train collection trains. Try to look at the box pictures or in the description. Some buses (the very short ones) don't yet supported by a motorized chassis.

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@kvpOh man I really don't get on with SCARM -_-  I think i found it really user unfriendly and just can't bring myself to use it :( I might try looking up that official Tomix track software though that might be of use. 
I take it (from what i can find anyway) nothing as small as cars yet? 

The chassis on the box is a good tip to know thanks very much.


@cteno4 i can't see that stuff listed in anyrail, i'll try looking up part numbers and seeing if it's because they are listed by part number, thanks for the tip ^_^

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4 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Aren't most of the bus track pieces the same geometry as the tomix street track?



 Only if you do a simple oval.  No intersections, C66 curves and other pieces.

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