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b-train-shorty shops in Tokyo / Kyoto


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Hi guys, 


i am traveling to Japan in August. While being there i will also check for some trains and stuff. Since i was in both Tokyo and Kyoto before, i know some places where to go (the obvious bic camera, yodobashi, and laos (if i remember correctly, can't find it in google maps though)).

If you know some new good places, please let me know. 

But with my recent move to concentrate on b-trains, i am courious if you have tips for good places to buy b-trains. Both new and used. 

I remember that i saw 2nd hand shortys in some places in Akihabara. 


Any info is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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I'm not aware of anywhere specialising in B-trains, but Poppondetta in Akihabara seems to have a good selection of new and used ones.

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