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In this previous thread i mentioned the idea of a Yamanote Line layout, centered around a station.

After a busy period i decided to dig it up and proceed with it.

As suggested by many of you i will be building a small station. Specifically Gotanda, in early 2000s, as depicted in Densha De GO! Final, with variations up to 2014 (before platform gates) and down to the late 90s.




Circled in blue is the zone i'm going to make.

The limits will be marked by the Metropolitan Expressway No.2 on the Left and the elevated Tokyu Ikegami Line platform on the right. Both will hide the line exiting from the module.


The designated obseravtion point is about where the "Bank Of TMU Gotanda Branch" marker is.




The opposite side will be background with half-buildings to give it depth.


To maximise portabilty and minimize storage needings the layout is intended as a modular one.

Specifically it will be composed of 6 modules (the station and the storage modules will divide in half).




The tracks in the station module will be made using long flexible tracks, wile the curved sections will be made with standard Kato Unitrack.


The control systems for the JR East line will be analog, as there is no need for digital, while the Ikegami line will be static, at first. Then it may be extended with an additional module, to make it operational, with a sort of Point-To-Point automated operation.


Rolling Stock will be:


- E231-500s (since 2002) , Yamanote Line, with 6-door cars.


- 205 series (since 1985) , Yamanote Line and Saikyo Line, with 6-door cars.


- E231-1000 (since 2001) , Shonan Shinjuku Line.


Plus additional possibilities:


- 115, 211, 215 and E217 series for the Shonan Shinjuku Line

(from 2001 to 2004, because the rolling stock on this line was standardized to E231-1000s in 2004)


- Narita Express services with 253 and 259 series


-Odoriko Expresses with 185, 251 and 259 series


-TWR Rinkai Line 70-000 series


-Freight Services with EF64s, EF210 and EH500s.


-189 series "Upgrade Azusa"


And non regular services too, like depot transfers:


Skyblue 201 series (possibly Keiyo Line)



Joban Line E231-0



The Ikegami line will be either a 1000, 7700 or 7600 series 3-car train.


The Freight Line might be as well used as a sort of "parade line".


Inspirational videos:





Comments and Suggestions are well appreciated!

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Nice, I used to work near there so know it well. Will you be modelling the stairway between the Yamanote platform and the Ikegami station in its original or current (post ca. 2011-ish) form? ;)

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I think i will make the pre-2011 version.


Then, even if it fetaures the renovated stairway, this video comes handy as a general reference of the platform area.


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