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Turbo trains coming from rapido

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Just curious, I really liked the different sounds that the train could make and think it really ups the experience of the train to a different level, but I don't have DCC and have no plans to get it.  All of my track is Tomix, and the most advanced I can see myself getting could be the TNOS.  Do the sounds work on DC, or could they work on TNOS?





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2 hours ago, Kiha66 said:

 I suspect his may have had damaged springs in the bogies between cars.


Springs were fine actually. The two engines ran at a different velocity which resulted in the diagonal bogies when running, and hit the "suspension" extensions. I don't really get why manufacturers have engines far apart in their trains anyway. Tomix also does this. I rearrange them so they are always next to each other.

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