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Fire trucks!

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Looks like F-Toys may be back in the business of releasing 1/150 vehicles:




Shame though that 6 of them will be airport crash tenders, I've been looking for one in 1/160-1/144 for my airbase and haven't found any I like so these are a boon. The smaller truck is nice too, more contemporary than the Tomytec ones. Hopefully there's a secret truck that's a modern pumper or rescue truck.

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Nice! Although i'm not a huge fan of emergency vehicles, I do hope F-toys ride on this wave and produce more trucks and buses like their previous collections...


Nevertheless, this is a good collection to get especially for airline 1/144 scenes...

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Bummer so many airport engines. Good to see ftoys continuing, they do go for the odder things.



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I'm hoping they pick up another emergency vehicle set or a construction set, for construction it would be nice to see an asphalt miller/cold planer since we already have all the rest of the asphalt paving equipment. Also more pumpers or rescue trucks would be appreciated. 

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