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JR West - new sightseeing DMU on the western San'in Line

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Here's one from the Japanese rail news feeds: a new KIHA40 refurb to be operated on the far western sections of the San'in Line.  I first thought it was just a wrap, but then I noticed the non-JNR interior :).  The trafficnews.jp article mentions that this is the successor to the Misuzu Shiosai; I don't understand if they mean that in spirit, because that service ceased in late January and this one will begin in September, or if these are the same 2 cars.


The name has (what I assume are considered) punctuation in it, and it would be read Maru Maru no Hanashi.  I believe it's a play on words and I'll leave a proper translation to someone else.  Anyway, in this case hanashi is not 'talk' or 'discussion' but a sort of acronym for Hagi, Nagato, and Shimonoseki, where the train will operate.





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I think the same two KiHa 47 trainsets on that old excursion service may have been remodeled for the new service.

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