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What did you do today on your layout? (HO and other scales)


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Oh well, I only know the imperfections. I used a mitre box to cut the battens and a utility knife for the plywood. I did like the dude in the video below. I suffered a bit more than him.



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Utility knife works well on 4mm ply and probably better than any other saw short of a table saw! Just duos the blades fast!

miterboxes work well, just need patience and a decent saw blade. Trick is to cut light and smooth and not try to force it. Also clamping the wood to the miterbox and clamping the miterbox to the workbench helps it from slipping around and curving the cut.





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Yes, I have been clamping everything. I also put a piece of foam board under the batten in the box so I would not cut the box itself.

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Today I started to experiment with neodymium magnets for uncoupling. I have been laying down most of the track, wiring the layout and built an engine house mockup. See below.



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I have been painting the rails. I found the Woodland Scenics pen far easier to use for good results than using paint or the Tamiya pens for N scale track. Everything is easier so far in H0, I mean OO.



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John P Boogerd

I just completed my first Sankei paper kit. It’s nowhere near perfect but it looks fairly good to me. 


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