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8 minutes ago, disturbman said:

What's the wrapping of the KiHa32 supposed to depict? A dragon? I tried to look for other pictures but it's not exactly clearer.


Looks like a burning armadillo, but according to this site it represents a kappa.

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49 minutes ago, railsquid said:

Dammit, only a couple of months after I went to the trouble of sourcing a rake of those Chichibu WoKis, they come out with an improved version with shorter couplings...

The new ones have different running numbers, tho 😉

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Are you sure you posted the correct video? This is a cab ride video from the Abukuma Express. The KiHa is from Shikoku.

It's a kappa. Just very stylized.

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Sticking to the theme of 0 series shinkansen, does anyone have experience with the A9660 Shinkansen Series 0-0/0-1000 Royal Train released last summer? Does it run smoothly?

Amazon.co.jp has it for ¥17,388, which seems reasonable for an unusual formation like this.

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@1954G it’s a great model, except that it’s hard to take apart if you want to equip it with TN couplers and interior lights.


be sure to get 0339 TN couplers combine with 0336 TN couplers which are longer unless you have 400+ radii.

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Ooooh, Hachiko Line KiHa38s, something nice and obscure for my collection 😄

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Das Steinkopf
On 1/11/2021 at 9:51 PM, JR 500系 said:



And i am glad it is again safe for me!


I'm kind of glad considering the spending spree that I have been on, there is a lot of stuff I have purchased of late that I haven't posted, a bit of it has been rolling stock but there has been a lot of buildings and detail parts that I have been collecting.

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We already knew they were coming. A pre-order and a price would be nice to have.

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Big Seibu year. One Galaxy Express, two L-Trains and a possible Laview.

I might be tempted by this one. I already have a MA Seibu 3000 series. It's a beautiful model.

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4 hours ago, JR 500系 said:

There also seems to be an upgrade to the 300 series? 


an expensive "downgrade" 🤑 ,  old panto and shield but with the third already removed....  4-5 years (or less) and the family will be completed, miss the original version with 3 panto (J0 is another thing..), maybe Tomix can do it faster (and cheap), at 99% all the molds are already done

another couple of "books" for my library 🥵




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That 300 is tempting to me. Might be my first MA train. But that price tag is heavy! I'll have to think about this!

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2 minutes ago, gavino200 said:

That 300 is tempting to me. Might be my first MA train. But that price tag is heavy! I'll have to think about this!

Get the cheaper TOMIX version, I'd say. Just don't get the first release because of zinc pest problems. The later releases are all fine.

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