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MicroAce - New Releases


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That’s nice to hear. Hopefully their Chinese production companies are in better shape now.



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There was talk a while back about moving some (or all) production back to Japan.  Making their models 10%-20% cheaper.  But going on a two car for 9000 yen.  I paid double that (18,700jpy) for the 3 car Ibusuki no Tamatebako set a year ago.  4500 yen per car is so much better than 6000+ yen per car.  This looks like 25% cheaper.  Hopefully a good sign of things to come.

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That would be good for better control but will take time to onshore and labor is tight in japan. But not the chaos at times with Chinese productions. Setting up with a new production company can be really expensive and time consuming. After having to change factories 2 times my design partner got out of doing product work when the second factory went poof.



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How is MicroAce for reissuing stuff they've done in the past? Should I wait for a potential future reissue of the ED77, or should I just try find one on Yahoo Auctions? (Same with the Asia Express set...)

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I'm happy to be corrected, but my impression is MicroAce have a huge back catalogue, a lot of which is quite obscure and I personally wouldn't bet on anything other than a very small proportion of that reappearing in the forseeable future, especially as the second-hand market is awash with older MicroAce stuff at often very reasonable prices (not the Asia Express stuff though, that's on my Rule 1 Purchase List, but not at the prices it goes for).


It's also conceivable (though I don't have a factual basis for this) that since whatever factory/production difficulties they had a while back, they may not have access to the older tooling.

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Martijn Meerts

MicroAce has in the past very rarely done reissues, so I definitely wouldn't expect them to reissue anything but the most popular trains (the redid the blue Rapi:t when they also did the Peach Rapi:t for example)


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In case the licensing issues are resolved and the Keihan 800 will be released after all, I will try to explain the differences between the old logo releases. The original A8360 release is that of the very first formation as it looked like the day it first went into service in 1997. The A8361 release was going to be another formation modelling how it looked like just before it received the new logo in 2007. Compared to the 1997 situation, this means that the car numbers on the front are now next the destination board instead of next to the Keihan logo, that the lamps at the end of each car are now smaller, that the seats in the cab cars were rearranged, and that the seats in the cab cars are now light blue coloured. Pretty much very small differences, but perhaps big to die-hard fans.


In short, these are the points in time the several MicroAce models were going to be placed at.

A8360 - 1997

A8361 - 2007

A8362 - 2008

A8363 - 2017

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Better get the mrs and kid out of the infection zone squid! Just imagine your wife’s horror if the squidlette becomes a hello kitty zombie!


image flashing thru my head of zombies with hello kitty features eating the brains out of some rail fan on a platform... meme of too much hello kitty can be hazardous to your health...





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Agreed, especially seeing as it comes with Rapidos (though I think all MA does) and no interior lighting. The Tomix Mizukaze retails for less than this (online at least) and detail and feature wise is another league. 

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On 10/22/2019 at 3:35 PM, railsquid said:

Personally I'd rather just set fire to five 10,000 notes.


I could seriously do with 50k more...  🤣  Let me know before you burn any ok?  😛

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MicroAce new and re-releases scheduled Feb 2020


New releases: 

Joshin Electric Railway Type 700 (2-Car Set)

Keikyu Type 800 Remodeled Middle Car Formation (6-Car Set)

Keikyu Type 800 Revival Color (6-Car Set)



KIHA140+47 `Isaburo / Shinpei` with Additional Car (3-Car Set)

Keio DEYA901 / DEYA902 / KUYA911 / SAYA912 (4-Car Set)


Needless to say, I am so NOT going to miss that Isaburo-Shinpei this time! That Keio DEya is pretty awesome too!  🙂


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While the Isaburo Shinpei is a must get... that Keio Deya is SUPER SUPER attractive... I didn't know it had inspection lights!



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