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Finally pulled out the box of LED I bought a number of months ago. Before going into N Scale I thought to try something easier, HO scale ditch lights, It looked like a simple task so I gave it a go. The first iteration was ok but had a few issues. The next one came out better shown below.


The sad thing was it took 2 days to create and 1 milli second for me to slice an edge with my exacto blade. Fortunately it was the bottom base and its still usable best of all I made 2 sets. Here is an image of the shells on a GP38 front end.




One front case was missing as I lost it but I have since found it. (Crawling around for 10 minutes). I need to make the lens and then some kind of mount for it. The back piece snaps into the front and holds pretty good. Over all it was a good exercise.


I will eventually get to the station platform and have a working platform light. I pulled out my 20-806 to give me something to think about as I do this. I think its possible to replicate the existing light with a working LED. The only issue is how much can you increase the size without affecting the visual component.


In any case I need to get these HO pieces done first.




Oh yeah, this as insane. To put thing in perspective, the smaller LED are on 32 gauge wire. 



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This seems interesting. Any chance you can put the pictures back up?

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