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Lenz GoldMini decoder in HobbyTrain N scale motor and lighting questions


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I've go no where else to go. 

I have a few HobbyTrain N Scale Locos.

H4083, a steamer 

and a few Taurus Models

Anyway, I'm putting in Lenz Gold mini + decoders, because I got them on sale!

2 questions

1) For motor control, they want motor type 0-5, but I can't find any reference, for what a motor type is - ANY reference,or idea

2) Lighting intensity is 0-255 Other decoders give ranges, for LED vs incandescent. But again, I cant find said ranges, for this decoder. I have he manual, in english. it doesn't help.



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There is a remotor kit for the tauruses, but if your one is a newer type that might be already factory installed. If the loco runs jerky with a decoder at all possible settings, you might want to look for the kit.


The light intensity is 0=0%, 255=100% at the DCC track voltage.

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Yeah. As to the motor control. The specific decoder has a bad rep. I'll replace it.... dang, in the steamer, wire routing is a pain.



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